Trailing stop loss

Sell for maximum profit with Trailing stop loss

The Trailing Stop Loss% is a feature that automatically sells an asset at the user’s chosen percentage.

This has become a preferred choice among our users due to its simplicity and adaptability.

Our users appreciate the opportunity provided by this feature, and we have noticed it to be consistently popular among them.

Trailing stop buy

Avoid paying too much with Trailing stop buy

The Trailing Stop Buy is a recent, straightforward and efficient Forex trading tactic, which reduces the speculative aspect of purchasing stocks.

Essentially, the Index continually monitors the rate, while your preferred indicators direct when to execute the trade. The transaction gets initiated at the initial uptrend manifestation.

Trailing stop loss

Buy back cheap with trailing stop short

The Trailing Stop Short tool monitors your short position’s price. If there are signs of a price reversal and the price starts to rise, the tool will close your short position and start tracking the market from scratch.

This way, you can observe the market trends with peace of mind and take timely measures when needed. The tool helps you manage your positions professionally and navigate market fluctuations confidently.