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We offer a professional crypto aggregator trading system that scans, analyzes, and enables trading in the cryptocurrency global markets.

Our platform offers a convenient one-stop-shop that caters to your trading needs.​

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Experience a seamless cryptocurrency trading journey with access to the global market, placing emphasis on professionalism and expertise.

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Cryptocurrency Assets

At icoin-x, we offer a wide range of trading opportunities with 20+ liquidity providers. Traders gain access to numerous assets and tokens, from major to alternative cryptocurrencies.

We’re dedicated to expanding our trading pairs for top-quality trading experiences, and the full cryptocurrency list is available on our website. We’re committed to providing personalized trading solutions for your unique preferences. Thank you for choosing icoin-x.

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Our Network

icoin-x provides top-class crypto trading experience through collaboration with leading exchanges, ensuring security, reliability, and tailored services for users' unique needs.

Trading volume in arbitrage

Consider trading volume when calculating arbitrage to focus on the most profitable options and eliminate less lucrative ones. This helps ensure your decisions result in the highest return on investment.

An unparalleled opportunity

icoin-x offers highly competitive exchange rates, reliable service, and a secure trading environment. Join our community today for the best rates and a trustworthy experience.

Air-tight security

We implement powerful security measures to ensure continuous monitoring to safeguard against any unforeseen situations. Trust us for a secure and protected environment for your transactions and investments.

A world of choice

Support for a wide selection of currency options for deposit and withdrawal

Set Investment Limit

Tell us the amount you want to invest and we will show arbitrages accordingly

Set Alerts

Never miss an opportunity even when you are away as we send the alerts on telegram and on your browser

icoin-x provides a comprehensive trading platform that allows seamless portfolio management, efficient automation of trading, and a host of other user-friendly features.

  • 25+ accounts supported

    Manage your full portfolio and follow all your assets performance from a single interface.

  • Multi currency account

    Manage your portfolio in your local currency and switch instantly between any fiat or crypto (40+ supported)

  • Real-time order books

    Tick-by-tick order books with under 100ms latency. See your new and open orders live in the order book.

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